How to Check Your THC
Levels With the Ütest-O-Meter

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We wanted to talk a little today about one of our favorite THC drug tests, the Ütest-O-Meter. This test is unique in that it does much more than give you a negative or positive result. With 5 levels of THC detection, you can use this test to gauge roughly how long it will take to get clean.

What are the exact THC levels?

The Ütest-O-Meter features the following THC detection levels: 300, 200, 100, 50, and 15 ng/mL. The higher you test positive, the longer it will take until you have a negative result. If your goal is to be clean, then you’ll need to be negative at all levels.

The 15 ng/mL level is one of the reasons this test is unique. Most lab tests for THC are done at the 50 ng/mL level, and so our test can detect at a lower level than most labs. This gives you much more clarity so you know before you go for a lab test.

Can the test tell me how long until I’m clean?

It’s always difficult to predict how long THC will stay in your system. On average, THC will remain in the system for around thirty days. There are a lot of factors here which can make it take a longer or even shorter amount of time. Age, weight, metabolism, and frequency of use all play a role. We recommend purchasing a five-pack of Ütest-O-Meters. Take the first one to see where you’re at. If you test positive at any level, take note of which levels. Then try again in four or five days. Hopefully, the level will have gone down some. With time, you should test totally clean.

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