How to Use Your Test

ütest+ was created to give people an accurate and friendly drug testing experience. We created an option that can be used in the privacy of your own home that is affordable, simple, and reliable.



Peace of mind in 4 easy Steps

  • 1 Remove cap and immerse test into a cup of urine, stopping at arrow.

    Do not immerse the entire test.
  • 2 Take the test out of the urine after the “C” line appears
  • 3 Replace cap and lay on a flat surface.
  • 4 Read results at 5 minutes. 

    Do not interpret after 10 minutes.
uTest Drug Test



Understanding Results

uTest Drug Test Lines

Negative (Clean)

Two lines will appear one Next to the C and one next to the T.  Please note: A faint T line, with any hint of color, should always be considered a negative result.

Positive (Dirty)

Only one line appears next to the C and no line next to the T.


No lines appear next to the C or the T, or, no line appears next to the C and one line appears next to the T. If this happens, contact

Faint Lines

Understanding Faint Lines.

What causes a faint T-line?

Simply answered, here are some possible reasons for a faint T-line:

The use of detox/cleansers, CBD, drinking a substantial amount of fluid prior to testing, or tampering/diluting the urine sample with a substance. See our  “How to Ensure an Accurate Test Result” page for more information.

  • The test was not left in the urine sample long enough.
  • There is not enough THC in the system to trigger a positive result; a small trace amount in the urine sample may cause a faint line.
  • Low detection level test may cause a faint T-line (ie. THC 20 ng/mL test, THC 15 ng/mL, COC 150 ng/mL).
  • Taking a medication that is chemically similar to the drug being screened.
  • The test is past its expiration date.

Contact customer service if  you have questions about your results

uTest Drug Lines

Need more help understanding our tests?

We’re Unique.

We’re Unique.

Not all drug tests are created equal.

We understand the importance behind taking a drug test. It is more than just a simple result. It is the livelihood of our customer; landing a job, staying employed, getting the peace of mind as a parent or as a spouse, achieving sobriety, or whatever the reason may be for using one of our products, we are here to help.

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Our products are manufactured in an FDA regulate. With high grade technology, we create clear and distinct lines that are easy to read, providing a quality, at-home drug test our customers can depend on.

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Given the high-quality standards of our tests, we guarantee the best accuracy possible. With an accuracy rate of at least 99%, our products are held to the same lab-grade standards found in traditional immunoassay laboratory tests.

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We know it is imperative that our customers have a clear and confident understanding of their results. Sometimes interpreting results can be confusing but rest assured; our customer service team is here to help.