Marijuana Use & High Blood Pressure

By August 9, 2017News/Info

There is much for us to learn about the health consequences of smoking marijuana. The government limits research on marijuana, making it difficult for us to learn about the drug. But recently the DEA has made it slightly more easier for research to be conducted.

One recent study by the University of Georgia suggests that smoking marijuana can raise your risk of dying from hypertension. The researchers determined this by following roughly 1,200 participants for up to 20 years. They factored in body mass index, known as BMI, and previous heart issues. Those who smoked marijuana were more than three times more likely to die from high blood pressure than those who didn’t smoke pot. Additionally, the risks grew more for each year they smoked. Even more startling, the researchers concluded smoking marijuana may place an even greater risk on your heart than cigarettes. The study did not find a link between marijuana and strokes.

THC, the active component in pot may play a role in high blood pressure because of the way our bodies process it. This study is not definitive but it does raise several questions. The study itself had limitations, for example, researchers could not determine whether people had used the drug continuously since they first tried it.

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