Small Business Saturday – November 26th

By November 23, 2016News/Info
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Small Business Saturday has become a shopping day icon over the past 6 years. It originally started in 2010 in Roslindale Village, Massachusetts. The intention was to encourage consumers in the area to shop at local stores instead of the large brick and mortar stores during Thanksgiving weekend. Since then, with the help of American Express, it has become a wide-spread phenomenon.

It reminds us every year that we, as a small business, must reap what we sow.  We want to make sure that we are doing our part to shop locally. As a company, we know what it means to feel the impact when customers chose to buy products from us over drug stores such as the likes of Walgreen’s and CVS.  Not only do we depend on business from the “end consumer”, but we also lean on our small business accounts who retail our products.

We have had the privilege of serving our customers for 20 years since we started in 1996. Each one of you who orders from us allows us to keep doing what we’re doing:

  • Create jobs in not only the location of our ware house in Idaho, but also allow us to have people who work for us in Chicago, New Orleans, and Orange County.
  • Innovate new products while maintaining high quality standards to ensure that we have the best products possible.
  • Manufacture in the United States. This ensures that we have a “hands on” approach to our business versus the inability to have control of our production overseas.
  • Reinvest into local businesses who help us with marketing materials, our website, package printing, accounting, and the list goes on.

This point is, shopping small is like a chain reaction in your local communities across the United States.  As we go full swing into this holiday season, we will do our best to shop, eat, drink and be merry locally. Shop small = Big impact.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at ÜTest Drug Testing!

Small Saturday = Big Impact.

PS- For more information on Small Business Saturday click here.