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uTest Test-O-Meter

Why buy a ÜTest-O-Meter over a regular THC drug test?

Since marijuana stays in the system for longer than any of the other drugs out there, we wanted to create something that gives you more than just a “negative” or a “positive” result. The ÜTest-O-Meter shows how long it will take to be completely clean or to be able to pass a lab standard level test (THC 50 ng/mL).  That is where the levels came in to play.

Generally speaking, THC stays in the system of an average user for around 30 days (this depends on use and the individual. Because it remains in the system and can take a period of time to be eliminated, we decided a test was needed that would show how much THC was in the system, and an easy way to track the levels.

The test has 4 levels of detection: 20 ng/mL – 50 ng/mL – 100 ng/mL – 200 ng/mL

What do these levels mean?

As we mentioned, if you need to take a lab test, the goal is to be negative (clean) at 50 ng/mL marker. If you are trying to become clean of THC, then you will want to be negative (clean) at all levels.

Back to the levels…

The higher the ng/mL level (positive at the 100 ng/mL and/or 200 ng/mL), the longer it will take to get clean in order to pass a lab-based test.

The lower the ng/mL level (positive at 20 ng/mL and/or 50 ng/mL), the less time it will take to get clean.

How can I use this test to track my levels?

We recommend taking an initial ÜTest-O-Meter to see “where you are at”. If you are positive at any level, we recommend taking another ÜTest-O-Meter within a 2-5 day window. Keep doing so until you are below that magic number of 50 ng/mL, or even better, clean across all levels!







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