We Love Drug Testing – Check Out Our Favorite Drug Tests! + Bonus Offer

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we love drug testing

Of course we love drug testing! We are in the business and we are passionate about what we do as a company. In honor of Valentine’s Day, our employees have chosen their favorite drug tests listed below and why they would recommend them. Take a peak and let us know if we can help you choose the right test!


My Favorite test would be the UTest-O-Meter. If you’re a regular or an occasional user of marijuana, this test will show you where you’re at, versus just a positive or negative result like other THC tests. With 5 levels of detection, It will help you track your levels until you are totally clean.


My favorite test is the 5 panel. It’s consistent with an employment test that someone who’s trying to get a job would take. Know before you go!


I would choose the THC 15 ng/mL.  If I know I have to take a drug test and I’m able to test negative (clean) on this bad boy, then I feel rest assured I can pass any THC test that comes my way!


I like the Eco Cup (coming online soon!). It is a cup and a test all in one option. Bonus?! It comes with everything I need, cup and gloves.  It’s not messy and no dipping! To top it off, it has a sensitive level THC strip on it. It’s truly a “one stop shop” kind of product!


The Ultimate THC Pack is my favorite! Since THC is a fat soluble drug and can take some time to pass out of the system, you can’t have too many THC tests on hand!  With 2 UTest-O-Meter’s, a THC 50 ng/mL & a THC 20 ng/mL, you’ll be completely covered and on your way to getting clean!


The best test we carry is the 12 Panel. It tests for almost every major drug under the sun! If you’re the least bit worried about passing a drug test for multiple drugs, this is the test for you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post. As a special thank you, use valentine20 at check out to take 20% off of our drug testing products. Offer is valid thru February 15th, 2017 for a one time use.

We appreciate your business!