Avoid of the use of any CBD, HHC and/or Delta-8, Delta-10 products prior to administering any of our THC testing products.

CBD/HHC/Delta Products

While Cannabidiol (CBD) should not show up on a drug test (due to CBD being unregulated) there are CBD products on the market that contain the THC metabolite above the legal limit of 0.3%. If a higher than legal level of THC is present in the CBD product, it may cause a positive (meaning not drug free) test result.

Detox Cleansers

The consumption of detox, cleansers, or other natural remedy products may only temporarily alter the natural state of the urine sample; this may therefore cause an inaccurate and/or false negative (clean) test result. If you have used any detox or cleansers and still failed a drug test, consult with the detox and/or cleanser company.


Drinking an abnormal amount of fluid(s) prior to a drug test may dilute a urine sample causing creatinine/creatine concentration, PH level, and specific gravity to become altered and can therefore cause an inaccurate/inconclusive test result.


An adulterated or tampered urine sample contains a substance that is intended to manipulate a natural urine sample. For example, adding water, bleach, soap, salt, vinegar, at-home cleaning products (natural or chemical), or other chemicals to a urine sample may cause an inaccurate/inconclusive test result.

Urine Alternatives

The use of any fake urine, urine substitute, or a urine sample that is not being used directly from the person who is taking the test will cause an inaccurate/inconclusive test result.