How To Use a Urine Test

1 / Collect urine sample in a clean cup

2 / Remove test from pouch and take cap off

3 / Dip test into urine sample for 30 seconds

4 / Remove test from urine sample, place cap back on test & lay on flat surface

5 / Read test between 5-30 minutes

How to Use a Saliva Test

1 / Open the pouch and stand test cube upright on a level surface

2 / Put the sponge end of collector in your mouth for 7 minutes

3 / Place collector inside test cube and close cube

4 / Read the results between 5-15 minutes

Understanding Your Results

Negative (Clean)

Two lines will appear one Next to the C and one next to the T.  Please note: A faint T line, with any hint of color, should always be considered a negative result. A negative result means there is either no drug(s) in the system or if there is still some presence of the drug(s) in the urine sample, it is less than the ng/mL detection level being tested for.

Positive (Dirty)

Only one line appears next to the C and no line next to the T. A positive result means the presence of the drug(s) being tested for has been detected in the system above the ng/mL cut off level.


No lines appear next to the C or the T, or, no line appears next to the C and one line appears next to the T. If this happens, contact