How do I interpret my results?

For instructions on interpreting your results, refer to our Test Results page

What does a faint line next to the T mean?

Faint lines may be present for the following reason(s):

- Detox/cleansers and CBD or Delta (8/9/10) products were used prior to testing. 

- The test was not left in the urine sample long enough. 

- Chemical imbalances or dilution of the urine sample (ie. Too much water was consumed before taking the test).

- There is not enough THC in the system to trigger a positive result, however there still may be a small trace in the urine sample. 

- Low detection level (ie. THC 20 ng/mL test, THC 15 ng/mL, COC 150 ng/mL).

Any colored line next to the T, even if faint, indicates a negative (clean) result. If you need assistance interpreting a test result, email a picture to customerservice@utestdrugtesting.com for confirmation. 

What is the accuracy of your tests?

Most Ütest products have a 99% accuracy rate. For more information pertaining to the accuracy of our products, email customerservice@utestdrugtesting.com for a product insert. 

What metabolite does the THC test detect?

Tetrahydrocannabinol or 11-Nor-9-carboxy-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol; other acronyms are THCC, THCA and THCCOOH. 

What metabolites does the Cocaine test detect?


The C line is faint. Did the test work properly?

Yes. The presence of the C line indicates that enough urine has passed through the test to ensure an accurate result. The intensity/color of the C line has no bearing on the test result. 

The C and the T lines both showed up at the same time. Did the test work properly?

Yes. As long as the C line appears, the test worked properly.

The entire test strip turned red/purple. Is this normal?

Yes. As the urine migrates up the test strip, the strip may turn red/purple—this is normal. The dye will dry within 5 minutes of using the test and the C line will appear. 

What does ng/mL mean?

Nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) is the unit of measurement used to indicate drug testing cut-off levels and quantitative test results from urine samples.

Do I need to use the first urine sample of the day?

Because the first urine of the morning is the most concentrated sample, it is the best to use. However, a urine sample can be used at any point during the day with a Ütest product. 

How long will THC stay in my system?

There is no standard timeframe for detection because THC is a fat-soluble drug and body composition varies widely from person to person. While there is not a definitive answer, a general guidelines is that THC can stay in the system for 2 to 90+ days.

Contributing factors to how long THC stays in the system:

- Individual metabolism

- Frequency of use

- Amount consumed

- Potency/concentration of the product consumed

Metabolism factors:


- Height

- Weight

- Age

- Overall health

- Medical history

- Lifestyle

- Physical activity level 

- Hormonal imbalances

If I pass a Ütest, will I also pass a lab test?

Ütest uses the immunoassay method; the same standard screening methodology used in a lab. If you get a passing result from a Ütest product, you should also pass a standard screening at a lab as long as the urine sample prior to testing at home or at the lab is a natural urine sample free of detox/cleansers, adulterants, CBD, etc. While the immunoassay method of testing is most commonly used, a confirmation testing method may be used called gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC/MS). This method of testing has lower cut off levels than the standard Ütest levels of detection and may be necessary if the lab sees an issue with the urine sample or if the company administering the test requires it.

What will a Ütest purchase show up as on my bank statement?

A purchase of Ütest will display as 'HANEY INC' on one's bank statement.